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Offering Childcare Vouchers to your staff can help them to save money on their childcare. Employees will exchange a part of their salary, up to £243 per month, via salary sacrifice, for the same amount of Childcare Vouchers. As Childcare Vouchers are deducted directly from employee salaries, tax and National Insurance savings will be made. The scheme is free to set up, you simply pay a small service charge, however the savings you make will always outweigh the cost. We differ from other Childcare Voucher providers in that we carry out Basic Earnings Assessments and Minimum Wage checks for your employees.


•  Provides an affordable way of obtaining a new car.

•  Truly fixed cost motoring.

•  Allows employees to obtain fuel savings through driving a more efficient car.

•  Huge Income Tax and National Insurance Savings.

•  No credit checks.

Childcare Vouchers

Car Purchase Scheme

Cycle Assist


Our Total Cycle Assist multi-bike full-family cover package is designed to give you benefits and services that your employee won't get through their home insurance, all at an amazingly affordable price.Moreover, being one of our members doesn't just pay dividends for you when something negative happens, like an accident: just being a member works to actively save your employee money every year!  


Every year 150,000+ cyclists of all ages, many of them young children, are involved in accidents on the British roads that aren't their fault, and if it happens to anyone in your family it’ll add insult to injury when you find that your home insurance doesn’t cover you like you thought it would.  


Total Cycle Assist is multi-bike full-family cover that will actively save your employee at least £30 a year just by being a member, and as much as £5,000 when you utilise our cover, adds essential services, benefits and support that you won't get through your employees home insurance, saves them a lot of hassle, and gives your employees family better services after a cycling accident than you’ll get from any home contents insurer.

17% discount enables employees to join at just £24 per year.

  • Employees save up to £933 per year

  • Organisation saves up to £402 per employee, per year

  • No contract – you judge us on our service

  • Free bespoke marketing and PR support